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A future in growth

There are more of us than ever before, and everyone expects better quality on their plate. Products that are better than ever, and fresher than fresh. To the agro-food sector, that means we’ve got more mouths to feed, all while having to make do with less space for our fields, greenhouses and buildings.

We need to find an entirely different approach; one that’s smarter and more effective, more environmentally friendly and more economical. But where to start? Here at Agropolis, we are looking for the answers to tomorrow’s questions today. After all, we’re stronger together in a world that never stands still. Sound familiar?

Agropolis is here for you!

At Agropolis, we are more than aware of the challenges agro-food businesses face today. That’s why we’re here for you! On the one hand, we offer technological innovations, helping you grow your profit margins back to what they were and freeing up capacity. On the other hand, we explore how to find a niche for your product, so that you can set your own price as an organisation, without being dependent on the market you operate in. We inform, we trigger, we stimulate and we strengthen, all to help you reach that higher goal!

We surround you with knowledge, inspiration and all the right guidance. Whether you are looking for a sparring partner to help you look at your grants, whether you need a helping hand drawing up your permit applications or whether you’re lacking the right contacts and you’re looking to effectively develop your network, at Agropolis, we’re here to advise and assist: we’ll help you move forward or we’ll put you in touch with just the right person.

Discover our community

Our values

We are innovative

We're always on the lookout for innovations to help improve our sector, our residents and our environment. Once we've found these, we'll do everything we can to make them happen.

We understand

We considerate the needs of people as much as we can. We don't offer one-sided solutions; instead, we co-create with our residents, neighbours and others.

We are passionate

We love what we do. That's why we decided to help innovative businesses and more traditional organisations alike to bring our sector up to date.

We want to improve our world

We only have one planet, and it is up to us to leave it in a better state than we found it. Different agricultural methods can make a huge difference in that.

Sow the seeds for tomorrow today

Curious about the opportunities at Agropolis? Contact us and start working on the future you want to harvest!

Curious to see what’s blooming at Agropolis?

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