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Sector: Drone-industrie
Sector: Health & Care sector
Corda Incubator
Sector: Technologie- en servicessector
C-mine crib
Sector: Creatieve en innovatieve business
Sector: Circulaire economie
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Office space

Our incubator is the beating heart of Agropolis. We are a place where various businesses find a home together and inspire one another with their passion and craft. On top of that, we surround you with all the resources you need to encourage growth within your organisation!

  • 12 offices available
  • Floorspace ranging from 20 m² to 60 m²
  • All-in formula including all facilities

Hot desking

Our flexible workspaces offer the ideal 24/7 hotspot for you to grow your professional activities in an inspiring environment. Whether you’re looking to book a desk for one or two days or prefer to book ahead for the whole year, our flexible membership plans allow you to bag a spot in no time at all!

Our hot desks are surrounded by soundproof telephone booths, so you can hold telephone conversations in complete peace and quiet. The view you get over the stunning Meuse lakes only comes as a bonus! Curious to find out more about the current residents at our incubator? Get to know them a little better here!

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Permanent office space

Aside from our hot desking spaces, permanent office space is also available at Agropolis. Floorspace ranges from 20 m² to 60 m², offering room for two to eight people. Our office spaces also come with everything you could wish for: furniture, a common kitchen area and a strong Wi-Fi connection to help you move mountains of work day after day!

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Ceres Recruitment

Ceres Recruitment is a specialist in filling vacancies in the food and agriculture sector using local, national and international resources. Their mission is to link the right people to the right vacancy at the right company. Our hot desk office space serves as a location for their candidate interviews. Curious to find out more?

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Sow the seeds for tomorrow today

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A changing world

There are more of us than ever before, and we all want more than ever before. The bar keeps being raised for the way in which we produce and process food. Everyone expects better quality on their plate. Better products that are fresher than fresh. To our sector, that means we’ve got more mouths to feed, all while having to make do with less space for our fields, greenhouses and buildings.

Here at Agropolis, we are looking for the answers to tomorrow’s questions today. We do so in a multitude of ways: through abundant floorspace at our business park as a location for your company, through various office spaces and meeting rooms you can use at any time, through an even greater abundance of fieldspace for you to test new developments, and by keeping you up to date with the latest trends and possibilities, such as precision agriculture or sustainable crop protection.

The agriculture and food sector of tomorrow is being grown at Agropolis today. After all, we’re stronger together in a world that never stands still.

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