Incubator, space for starting entrepreneurs 



Agropolis is recognised by the Flemish government as the “Flemish Incubator for New Agriculture and horticulture”. This incubator has been set up specifically for starters and service companies to stimulate the growth of your company in an accessible way. Secretariat services are also provided so that you can focus completely on the operational aspect of your company. 


Offices & Flex Workspace

The Incubator has 12 offices, varying in surface area between 20m2 and 60m2. The offices are operated as a service centre, which means that an all-in formula is provided. Electricity, furniture, heating ,etc. are therefore included.

Is a complete office too big for you at the moment? Are you only going to be present at Agropolis sporadically? Then the flex workspace is the ideal solution. Within this shared office space you can make use of an “open space office” via a subscription formula. Lockers and private telephone areas are provided to safeguard your privacy.

Meeting & network areas

The meeting & network areas have a surface area varying between 26m2 and 150m2. These areas can be used for meetings, but also for lectures, trade fairs, etc. External companies and organisation can also use this infrastructure.







Business units

If as a starter company you want to set up a production activity, the Incubator is the ideal place for you. Agropolis has an Agro hall of 1,000m2 divided into 4 units. These modules are equipped with the necessary basic facilities and you can equip them fully based on your own requirements. As an entrepreneur you can occupy 1 or several units.







Do you have an innovative idea and want to start developing it?

Then the Agropolis Incubator is just the place for you!