Fish 2 Be

Fish 2 Be is an innovative company focused on the ecological production of pike perch fingerlings. The company was started early 2013 by brother and sister, Jiri and Katrien Bossuyt, and assisted with their extensive knowledge by the Limburgse Reconversiemaatschappij, who is also a shareholder of the company. Fish 2 Be is one of few European pike perch hatcheries, using innovative and state-of-the-art techniques for year round delivery of fingerlings to grow-out farms, instead of just once per year in the natural season. The selected breeding stock are kept in different groups per seasons in a RAS (Recirculation Aquaculture System) and are stimulated to spawn yearly, this without the use of hormones or any other chemicals, outside the natural reproductive season.

[email protected] +32 486 51 98 31 (Jiri)